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Bicycle Repairman!

The Bridal Bike is called "The Contessa" because she's so high-maintenance (don't ask!) Long story short, we had a few woeful days early in our relationship when a heroic appearance by Bicycle Repairman would have made us both very happy girls.  Until the day when the real Bicycle Repairman graces us with his mighty wrenching presence, we have this video bagatelle from Monty Python's Flying Circus to illustrate his superlative skills and dedication to keeping the biking public safe from road hazards and International Communism.  If only Bicycle Repairman was here!!!


The Sociable Bicycle


Most people know about tandem bicycles--a "bicycle built for two," as the song goes, where one cyclist sits behind the other--but most have never seen a "sociable," a two-person bike where riders sit side-by-side.  This 1897 photo shows a pair of newlyweds departing for their honeymoon on a sociable, and I believe all newlywed bicyclists should aspire to wearing similarly fabulous hats (over their helmets, of course.)