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"The Contessa":  photo by Steven Lam Photography


Rose Pedals Bike Weddings is proud to offer the services of photographer Steven Lam on an exclusive basis; he is a fantastic event and commercial shooter who is also passionate about bicycling.  Check out his online wedding portfolio and contact him at 323.350.0808 or for availability and details.


Catering and Cakes

Perry's Cafe is a family-owned business that offers EVERYTHING you need for a beach bicycle event!  They'll rent and drop off bikes and boogie boards, cater a tasty and healthy lunch, and even set up your beach chair and umbrella.  Here's an online map of their locations; call 310.939.0000 to make advance rental reservations for groups of ten or more.

For thirty years The Rose Cafe has been a hub of the Venice and Santa Monica communities; they offer a wide-ranging menu of healthy and gourmet foods, and guess what else?  Wedding cake! Their newly-refurbished patio would be a splendid place to have an after-wedding celebration, and the splendidly-appointed gift shop contains many wondrous things, excellent gifts and mementos of your wedding experience.  Call 310.399.0711 for catering arrangements,or just drop by for a deli lunch and dessert on your next bike ride.


Bicycling Education, Workshops, Stores, and Services

Ron Durgin is a local bike activist and certified League of American Bicyclists instructor who teaches "Smart Cycling" classes around the Westside of L.A.  We've come a long way from the "ride all the way to the right" days!  Ron will make sure you know the rules of the road and how to safely navigate the many hazards cyclists face on urban roadways.  He can be reached at 424.288.1747 or by email for more information.

C.I.C.L.E. (Cyclists Inciting Change through Live Exchange) teachs "Bikes In The City" workshops monthly to encourage us car-addicted Angelenos to see the bicycle as a viable, healthy, and sustainable transportation choice.  Check out their schedule online and their Bike Routes List to get your pedals in power position!

Speaking of bike routes, check out Bikely, a site where cyclists around the world share their favorite routes.  I love the uploaded, annotated Google maps of some of my local bikepaths, and Bikely users frequently update with photos and newsy bits about obstacles, detours, and alt routes.  I Like Bikely!

The L.A. County Bicycle Coalition is our hometown bike advocacy group that helps bring education, awareness, and better cycling infrastructure to our fair city.  Become a member and sign up for their weekly email alerts about special bike events, volunteer opportunities, and cycling education.  If you'd like to take your bike activism to the streets in a more activistic way, check out Critical Mass or The Midnight Ridazz and meet new friends of wheels...LOTS of new friends.

Bikerowave is our neighborhood cycle cooperative, a place where you can take an ailing bike and learn how to fix and maintain it yourself for an affordable price.  Friendly volunteers provide the expertise, encouragement, and the necessary array of specialized tools to get you back on the road.  They even have a bike-grrl friendly night on Tuesdays called "BikeroBabes," and Santa Monica College students get free shop time (with valid ID, of course.)  Call 310.315.4383 during their evening and weekend hours only, and check out their blog for the latest events and bikey doin's.

I owe the NeoDogtown boys at L.A. Brakeless a huge debt of gratitude; yeah sure, they mostly do custom builds of fixed-gear cycles, but they also do fine repair jobs on all types of bikes (including fussy frilly bikes like my Contessa) and they sell rad parts, accessories, and cyclewear online and from their beautiful Mar Vista storefront.  You could call them at 310.313.6300, but really you should just pedal on over and see them at 12220 Venice Blvd. (just east of Centinela.)