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In 2001 Elizabeth Oakes created MarriageToGo as a way to provide fast, friendly, affordable marriage licensing and ceremony services to couples in the Los Angeles area.

She has been very busy since then!  Dubbed "The Love Lady" by the locals, Elizabeth is a CA notary authorized to issue confidential marriage licenses, a ULC minister, and a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage for L.A. County.  She shares her insights about weddings and culture online as the National Wedding and Marriage Examiner for

She has conducted thousands of weddings: from celebrity nuptials to backyard and beach elopements, grand soirées to courthouse and jailhouse ceremonies.  She now brings her unique whimsical touch with an innovative new venture: RosePedalsBikeWeddings.Com, an environmentally-friendly, low-carbon-emissions marriage service for those who appreciate a healthy, sustainable lifestyle and want a wedding that's fun, memorable, and doesn't harm our planet.

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Rose Pedals Spokeswoman "The Rev" Elizabeth Oakes and The Contessa