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We're the perfect choice for couples who want a unique wedding that's fun, stressless, affordable, and earth-friendly!

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"We cannot thank you enough for officiating our wedding. It was simple, elegant and perfect. We've always appreciated things that are out of the ordinary and your ceremony was much more "us" than a big, impersonal and expensive wedding. Standing in the sunshine, sharing our personal vows was very moving. Our ride up and down the boardwalk with people wishing us all the best and taking pictures was an unexpected treat that made for a wonderful conclusion. I highly recommend everyone take a victory lap through Venice....the ride afterward is a blast (make sure the bride wears her veil, it's like a wedding beacon and it seems to bring out the best in people.) It was truly a perfect wedding."

What is a bike wedding?

A bike wedding is an event where as many guests, wedding providers, and bridal party members as possible travel to the location by bicycle. Why? Because it's healthy, fun, and keeps the carbon footprint of the wedding low!

Cycling to the event isn't mandatory of course; it just adds to the esprit de corps, merriment, and environmental friendliness of the day. It also burns a few clean calories, offsetting the impact of that wedding cake.

Up to ten guests may attend the festivities, and we encourage everyone to join the newlyweds in a Bridal Bike Parade immediately after the ceremony.

Will it be legal?

Yes! If you qualify for the California confidential marriage license we can issue your marriage license on your wedding day, then perform your wedding ceremony on the spot--no trip to the County Clerk's office, which reduces your carbon footprint even more.

Confidential marriage licenses do not require witnesses, so you and your sweetheart can tandem to a private elopement ceremony without worrying about slowpokes and stragglers. Of course, you're also welcome to invite friends and family to share your joyous occasion even if they don't need to sign the marriage license.

You can also obtain your own marriage license at your leisure; we'll be happy to perform your ceremony, solemnize your license, and even pedal down to our local post office to mail the documents for you afterwards.

Where can I have a Rose Pedals Bike Wedding™?

We provide al fresco bike weddings for Mar Vista, Marina del Rey, Venice, and coastal Santa Monica.

On our flower-festooned bicycle (aka "The Contessa," "The Bridal Ridahh") we roll to weddings at local beaches, parks, and private homes within our service area.

You can also breathe easy in the knowledge that all our communications, document preparation, and ceremony creation take place at our energy-efficient Home Office in Mar Vista, keeping your wedding's carbon footprint at the lowest possible level.

On our links and resources page you'll find bike-friendly wedding providers to help you plan your day, as well as information and inspiration for cyclists both seasoned and new.

We're happy to answer your questions about our services via phone at 310.288.6658 or by email, and we invite you to peruse our BridalBikeBlog for stories, photos, and updates about our adventures.

For more information on our confidential marriage license and custom ceremony officiation services for your non-bicycle event, please visit MarriageToGo.Com®

Roll safe, roll sweet--hope to be of service to you soon!